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May 2023 be the year that women get the memo that the system is unfair and we need to stop following it. Your Substack, as well as Jessica DeFino, Virginia Sole-Smith and Sara Peterson consistently point out the unsustainable nature of doing more with less.

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I laughed out loud so many times reading this. Not AT you, of course, but because the injury tales could have been mine. I have thrown my back out changing a diaper and also just simply sitting in an airplane seat with a toddler on my lap and preschooler next to me while my husband sat 12 rows ahead because the flight was overbooked and it's all we could get (even though we got tickets WAY ahead). I've broken many a nail because I'm rushing and misjudging where everything is around me or trying to open something for a kid while also doing one of the other 9837893696 things I'm expected to do in a day. I've broken toes walking around the house for the same reasons (who didn't push their chair in?!). My knuckles are busted from All. The. Handwashing. from doing dishes, changing diapers, wiping butts, picking up dog poop - why is my life full of poop? I would say my life is shit, and it would be true.

Anyway, here's what I'm not doing: painting my toenails. I think I found time to paint them once last summer, but I do not have time to let them dry before putting socks on now, so no. Not doing it.

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My 6 y/o gave me a “pedicure” and now each toenail is a different color! An option for next time 🤣

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